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How to Get a UK Visa




Getting A UK Visa

General Do's and Don'ts.

  1. Ensure your friend has a valid passport with at least 12 months left to run to be safe. Many people from poorer countries do not have a passport valid for travel to the UK.

  2. Do not apply until you have known each other for at least six months. It seems to be a magic figure for the embassies and is a 'hard and fast', though not admitted, rule. Try earlier than that and you'll just help alleviate the embassy's payroll problems.

  3. Read the embassy's website carefully and download the forms you need in duplicate or  triplicate.
    See the 'Useful Links' page.

  4. Determine exactly what information they require and create a list of the records you will need to support your application.

  5. Follow the Embassy's rules and advice to the letter, although you now have to submit your application to VFS. Look for VFS Global Thailand on Google. They are sticklers for detail and seem to be quite unforgiving of transgression.

  6. The number one rule is: do not be tempted to lie. They will almost certainly catch you out and refuse your application, which means you will lose your fees and have to wait another month to re-apply.

  7. Enclose the correct fee otherwise your application will almost certainly be returned.

  8. Be punctual for the interview. If there's a peaceful restaurant near the embassy, go there at least an hour early; have a bite to eat and run through the details one more time.

    UK Visas - DIY

  9. Get your 'stories' straight. This is not meant to suggest 'lie', but communication between some peoples, especially Asians, and Brits (or in any other European language for that matter) is notoriously unreliable. Make sure you are both absolutely certain of the answers you want to give to the interviewing staff at the embassy.

    NB: interviews can be in English or the applicant's mother tongue at the applicant's request, but it is always best to speak at least a little English at the interview to demonstrate proficiency.

  10. Don't get your hopes up if you are asked to re-attend on a Friday. Some embassies will not issue standard visas on Fridays:

    "Visas may be collected at 1500 hours Monday to Thursday, the first  working day following approval. Please note that visas may not be collected on Fridays except in an emergency".
    British Embassy: Services: Visas

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