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How to Get a UK Visa




Do You Want A UK Visa For Yourself Or Your Loved One?

Save big money on costly consultants!

Hello and welcome!

If your desire is:

  • to get a UK visa for your loved one, for travel or for business;
  • to start right now;
  • to avoid delays;
  • to avoid heartache and emotional upset;
  • to save huge sums on consultancy fees

then you have come to the right place, please read on.

My name is Huw Jones and my girlfriend's name is Joy and we struggled for months to get a visa for Joy to visit Great Britain.

The purpose of this website is to help you understand the UK visa requirements and so make that job easier for you. This will save you ?500-?1,000 in the process too.

Make no mistake about it, there is no shortage of solicitors and advisors - even complete agencies, who are willing to give you the benefit of their experience. Some promise a visa 'or no fee', others offer a 50% up-front non-refundable deposit option (with the balance payable on successful completion) and others expect you to pay the whole fee regardless.

This fee is typically ?420 or $800 or more as in the real example below:

Real Example: "Our Consultancy Fee GBP ?895 (Was ?1800). Payable to us in advance, when you submit your documents to our office".

They are not even helping you fill in the forms!

In fact the British Embassy warns against using agents:

"You should be careful about using an 'agent' or an immigration adviser as they cannot issue visas, or influence the outcome of your application. There have been cases where agents and immigration advisers have given people poor advice and overcharged them".

British Embassy: Guidance - General Information (INF 1) 

Not that it stops them touting - preying like vultures on the unfortunate and disappointed outside (and inside) the embassies abroad.

Plus, certain other possible expenses, e.g.: obtaining a passport; travelling back and fore to the British Embassy; over-night hotel bills; taxis; the cost of the visa itself and other incidentals.

Therefore, the cost of getting a visa can easily run to ?1,250 or $2,000

However, that is only the financial cost of the visa.

The stress, worry and inconvenience can be even worse; for example: you can't book your flight or hotel or anything else until you actually get sight of the visa and the moment they stamp the visa into the passport, the clock is ticking and the visa is running out!

No wonder that many people either give up or just pay the exorbitant fees - it's a nightmare.

AND, that's IF you get the visa the first time around!

I know some who tried two, three, four times and more.

We succeeded on our second attempt, so I know what it's like.

Believe me, the rejection is awfully depressing and difficult to explain to your partner, if you're trying to get a fiancee visa.

Joy could not understand why Britain would not let her visit my family for Christmas, despite the fact that we both wanted to return to her country to live.Get a UK visa DIY

There is no right of appeal and then you have to wait at least a month before you can re-apply: often necessitating a missed flight and extra, unexpected hotel bills.

The solution to these problems will be presented to you, once you are in possession of this brand-new ebook called "How to get a UK Visitor's Visa".

In the ebook, I use Thailand as an example. It is where I now live and it is one of the most difficult place for a foreign woman to get a visitor's visa or a fiancee visa. The same principles apply for men too. If you can get a visa from there, you can get one from anywhere! If your interest is Thai-orientated, however, please click the link to go to our site for Thailand.